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Gaming skills in my résumé?! lolwut - Gamers of Color [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Gaming skills in my résumé?! lolwut [May. 6th, 2012|10:41 pm]
Gamers of Color


So I'm doing some résumé writing and currently noting down the marketable skills I'll have to prove and explain...

Eventually it occurred to me that some of the skills I improved upon or picked up (at first or at all) were through my time gaming. For example, I once was a mod for a literate play-by-post RPG for like three or four years. That often meant helping players to revise and edit their characters, oversee their campaigns, advertise at RP sites, aided player to player contact so they could pool together for a campaign, and because the setting was partly historical I did a little recreational research. And another example is providing tech support and set-up for lan parties (*sigh* how the times change) or simply providing support for online gaming installation for friends and family.

Yeah, silly, I know. And yes, this is stuff done in my personal time but why can't it translate to what I can do during my professional time? Afterall, much of the in-house equipment and tech support I did for my coworkers I first learned at home. Who knows how much time I saved us having to call IT, wait for IT to answer, properly file a ticket with IT, get a response from IT and finally wait for IT to arrive.

So has this matter occurred to anyone else? Have you or anyone you heard go down this path? How did it play out? And, maybe importantly, how can I utilize this tactic without revealing my geek hobbies. ;>.>

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From: yeloson
2012-05-07 05:42 am (UTC)
You can put:
1. Forum organizer & maintainer for creative social network (list X number of players, X number of years)
2. "Skilled in setting up small networks for short term activities."

I point to my game blog for examples of writing, and hopefully by next year, I'll be able to put down game designer and publisher as well.
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