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Gamers of Color

Because blackface drow is not cool.

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This is a community for gamers of color and white allies to talk about race and gaming in it's many forms, whether the games themselves, depictions (or lack thereof) of POC, the gaming culture, or experiences playing. This is a place to give support, analyze, and share, and hopefully find better ways to play and better folks to play with.

This is not the comm for racism 101 and for basic education- if you:

a) don't believe racism happens in gaming (the games, the people)
b) don't believe it matters
c) don't believe it's that big of a deal ("you're oversensitive")

then you should educate yourself at any of the fine FAQs and guides available online. Because really, we've heard it ALL before, and it's quite boring. We'd much rather talk about the POC in games than try to explain to you why blackface elves at a convention is an act of terror based on centuries of genocide.

This is a safe space first and foremost.